Finding Your Focus As A Nurse Entrepreneur

Feeling distracted, scattered, and overwhelmed with starting a business? Here's how to find your focus.

Do you find yourself trying to put a bunch of scattered thoughts and tasks together and hoping something amazing is the result but then just feeling deflated and exhausted by the thought of your to-do list? The truth is, more activity doesn't result in a successful business.

Being successful means focusing all your energy on one desired positive outcome. Doing only what you can do. There is something only you can do and that is the service you offer. So how can you do that? How can you focus your energy on that one thing when there are so many distractions and to-do’s on your list leaving you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, buried, and defeated.

I felt that way today. I felt like I wasn’t getting enough done and I wasn’t seeing the progress I know I’ve worked so hard for in my business as a nurse consultant over the last 15 months. I was clicking from tab to tab logging into some of my programs and clicking around. There’s no benefit to doing that. It’s not productive time, and it’s certainly not an income-generating activity. 

So my wonderful husband called me out on that, and of course, sent me into a fit of defensive frustration. What he said was, “Are you doing what only you can do? It looks like you are trying to do many many things right now all at once? I thought you were focusing on doing only one thing?” 

I stopped what I was doing and went into my room. I practiced some of the mindset realignment that I’ve been preaching to the nurses I am coaching right now. I thought about my primary goal, which is to focus on doing what only I can do. I thought about what that looked like. It looks like prioritizing my relationships with others over tasks and to-dos.

 It's very important to recognize that you carry the stress of relationship tension into every other area. That's why we snap at our husband after a long day. We carried that home with us. I know that when I put “work” over my marriage or my client's success, the end result is frustration and distance. I came up with this affirmation: "In order to be focused and do what only I can do, I need to prioritize people (relationships) over tasks."

When my relationships are solid and secure, I am mentally focused on others and not on the pressure that I feel to be doing something more than I am currently doing. Being in good alignment in our relationships as business owners IS what makes us successful. Focusing on the needs of others IS what makes a successful thriving business. 

So the ONE thing you need to focus on is the thing ONLY you can do. And the thing ONLY you can do is support and nurture the relationships you have. Then the rest falls into place and feels manageable. The to-do list is only there to support the needs of those people we serve. When you look for and prioritize the one thing you do for your relationships, the thing others come to you for and need most, you’ll find your service and specialty there.

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