5 Reasons Why This Is The BEST Time To Start A Business As A Nurse

Are you a nurse thinking about starting a business? This is a time of immense opportunity for nurse entrepreneurs!

5 Reasons Why This Is The BEST Time To Start A Business As A Nurse

Let's be honest, it has been a long, hard couple of years. And if you’ve been living through it as a nurse? Oooph.

As we make our way through the Great Resignation, you may have wondered what life outside of a traditional nursing role might look like, but you wonder how your skills will transfer. Enter: Nurse Consulting. Consulting simply means providing specialized solutions in healthcare as a nurse entrepreneur.

As a Nurse Consultant, you get an opportunity to work in the field that you love, while creating your own business, hours, and boundaries. Best of all? Our Nurse Consultation Training Program can get you ready to launch in as little as six weeks.

Is it your turn to join one of the 4.4 million new businesses that were created in the United States during the pandemic? Read on to find out 5 reasons why now is the best time to start your journey as a nurse entrepreneur.

Unique skills

I mean, we nurses know we’re pretty awesome, but guess what? Businesses do too! Your experience and training are specialized and in high demand. As a Nurse Consultant, your experience is valued, respected, and sought after. A full-time employee cannot offer a company the same solutions that a nurse consultant can.

Flexibility of Entrepreneurship

Flexibility might be one of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur. We all have lives outside of work, and entrepreneurship gives you unparalleled flexibility. You’ll be able to balance personal and work priorities in a way that gives you fulfillment in both areas. This has been a hot-button issue in nursing as long as I've been in healthcare (20 years!).

Challenge Yourself

When’s the last time you really and truly stepped outside of your comfort zone? Being a Nurse Consultant will be a brand new experience that will challenge you in many different ways. With challenge comes growth, and don’t worry, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Tailor your career path

As a Nurse Consultant, you will have the ability to choose who you work with, what projects you work on, and if you want to specialize in any particular area. That’s right: it’s up to you! The flexibility of being a Nurse Consultant means that you don’t have to suffer through assignments that don’t interest you; you can pick and choose to create a career that fulfills you.


I know some people don’t like to talk about money, but hey, it’s why we work! Nurse Consultants, like any other entrepreneur, have the ability to set their own rates and aren’t limited to a capped annual salary. Whether you choose to implement an hourly rate or a packaged one, make sure to do market research to ensure you’re being paid a fair rate (and raise those fees at regular intervals!).

Being the owner of a nurse-owned business is an empowering opportunity. By now I’m sure your brain is swirling with “What if I…” and “But how do I…”. And that’s totally normal! That’s also why I offer a complimentary discovery call to discuss your unique situation, answer questions, and help you find your path to your definition of success.

Book your introduction call HERE and I look forward to welcoming you to our training program where you can enjoy top-rated courses, the ability to learn at your own pace, and awesome community support. Not ready for a call? Join the FB Group for more free tips, networking, and resources.

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